Kirth Needs Heroes.

Kirth is a standard D&D world. If it’s in the core three books, it’s in Kirth.

That is also all that is explicitly in Kirth. I’m going to do something that normally would irritate me as a player, and restrict things to Level 1, Core only, at least initially. Things can be added by consensus (DM has final veto, and I will use it, for example, Vow of Poverty will never be allowed, not with any amount of bribing or sexual favours), as we go up in level, but for the first five levels, at least, possibly longer, it is core only.

I want people to talk to me about what they’re thinking they want to play, and we will do a character creation session. We will try to accommodate everyone, and it may need to be on an unusual day or something, but I want everyone who will be playing to be at that session.

Current Level: 1
Materials Allowed:

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • Monster Manual 1

I want everyone to make a character page on this wiki for ease of challenge assessment.


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