Dark red staff, surmounted by a skull, clutched by a clawed hand, and surrounded with a ruby red inverted pentacle


MW Quarterstaff, allows the use of the following spells:

  • Summon Monster I (1 charge)
  • Summon Monster II (1 charge)
  • Summon Monster III (1 charge)
  • Summon Monster IV (2 charge)
  • Summon Monster V (2 charge)
  • Summon Monster VI (3 charge)
  • Summon Monster VII (3 charge)
  • Summon Monster VIII (4 charge)
  • Summon Monster IX (4 charge)
  • Gate (2d20+10 charges)

The Staff can also be empowered as a weapon. It can gain an enhancement bonus, or even a few magical traits. However, it requires a sacrifice of the user’s blood. For every 10 hp given, the staff can gain a + 1 enhancement bonus or increase an existing enhancement bonus by 1. For 25 hp, the staff can gain the Axiomatic or Unholy qualities. For 5 hp, it can gain the Flaming quality, and for 10 hp it can gain the Flaming Burst quality. All magical enhancements gained this way last for 1 round per character level of the user. This duration can be increased by further blood sacrifice, however. If the user sacrifices 2 hp, the duration is doubled (2 rnds per character level). If the user gives another 5 hp, the duration is measured in minutes instead of rounds. For another 15 hp, the duration is measured in hours instead of minutes. Finally, for a sacrifice of a further 20 hp (42 hp total), the duration is measured in days instead of hours. Likewise, a spell cast from the staff can be Extended through using twice as many charges.

The staff is effectively cursed, however. First, it only functions for those who swear fealty to Asmodeus. Secondly, one can only use the summon spells to summon creatures from a list they could have access to as a wizard of their character level or HD (for example, a 3rd level rogue can only summon creatures from the Summon Monster I or II lists, regardless of which spell he uses).

Finally, unlike most staves, the Hellraiser Staff can be recharged. The user must perform corrupt acts, and the more corrupt the act, the more charges that are restored to the staff, as shown below:

Act Charges Restored
Using an evil spell (including from a magic item) 1
Humiliating an underling 1
Engaging in intimidating torture 1
Stealing from the needy 2
Desecrating a good church or temple 2
Betraying a friend or ally for personal gain 2
Causing gratuitous injury to a creature 3
Perverting justice for personal gain 3
Inflicting cruel or painful torture 4
Inflicting excruciating torture 5
Murder (including sacrifices) 5
Inflicting sadistic torture 6
Cold-blooded murder 6
Murder for pleasure 7
Inflicting indescribable torture 7

Strong Conjuration; CL 20th; Craft Staff, align weapon, gate, summon monster I-IX and flame blade, flame strike or fireball; Price 69,000 gp.


Hellraiser is a long staff of dark red, almost black, iron. It is surmounted by a skull, clutched by a clawed hand and surrounded by a ruby red inverted pentacle. All down the haft of the staff, images of devils, inverted pentacles, slaughtered celestials and demons and desecrated symbols of good deities are inscribed.
Just below the head of the staff is a razor sharp barb. If one were to cut themselves on it, the ruby pentacle would glow slightly, and the red of the staff would brighten. If one deliberately cuts themselves, with intent to power the staff, the item will drink greedily, and the pentacle’s glow intensifies while the rod itself turns a greater shade of red. A greater sacrifice of blood will cause a brighter glow and a truer red, though the inscriptions will remain stark black.

The ruby pentacle is worth a vast amount of money, and does indeed confer the mystical property of ruby, a +2 on saves against fear.


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