Human Pantheon

Deity Name Alignment Portfolio Domains Favoured Weapon Symbol Associated Animal Followers
Semivmas Lawful Good Duty, Justice, Truth, War (for Justice and Truth) Copper, Good, Law, Strength, War Cudgel Battered copper helm Ox Police, Reluctant Rulers
Lattes Neutral Good Forge, Humanity, Innovation, Knowledge, Magic, Cleverness Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery Crossbow Gear and Flame Squirrel Inventors, Wizards, Craftsmen
Libys Chaotic Good Fertility, Family, Harvest Good, Healing, Plant, Protection Staff Bundle of Wheat Dragon Wyrmling Animal Breeders, Farmers
Ran Lawful Neutral Death, Necromancy, Psychopomps, Rules Death, Law, Magic, Travel Sickle Raven Raven Morticians, Necromancers
The Veldt Neutral Nature, the World Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Sun, Water Club A Leafed Masculine Face Wolf Druids
Shango Chaotic Neutral Fertility, Lightning, Rain, Revelry, Seizing Life, Storms Air, Chaos, Luck, Strength, Water Greataxe Red and White Lightning Bolts Ram Farmers, Sailors
Baltrecht Neutral Evil Calcification, Stasis, The Crumbling of Civilization Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery A Mace with ten spikes around the crown A Bloodied Eye, Surrounded by Ten Smaller Plucked Eyes Luddites

The human pantheon has a long history, though is kept always in a contemporary form. This is not so much due to the clerics revising things, but rather due to the fact that they always appear to followers in contemporary garb and speak in the dialect and manner of the follower who calls them.


Semivmas is the Celestial Watchman and the Duke of Heaven. He is always depicted in the garb of a noble, with the regalia befitting the commander of the human law enforcement force. Currently, this means that he appears wearing a battered and well used copper breastplate and helm, a copper badge, and carrying a crossbow, shortsword, and, as commander of the Heavenly Watch, a stout wooden cudgel with a silver knob on the end.
Apart from his garb, Semivmas is a lanky man, of middle age, his salt and pepper hair balding, and his face typically unshaven. He is usually smoking a cigar, and typically scowling.
He is known for, as he says, hating dwarves, elves, trolls, goblins, halflings, vampires, werewolves, and most other things. However he dislikes humans, celestials and gods as well, so it’s more a general surliness than true hatred, especially as his lore has him interacting with a good number of races and divinities peacefully as part of the Celestial Watch.
Semivmas is a tireless paragon of law, and his priests hold themselves to a similarly high standard. It is said that he is “straight as an arrow, can’t be corrupted, won’t be turned, never took a bribe,” and his priests strive to live the same way.
Semivmas is held as an example to all human rulers. This is not to say that all rulers follow it, however. Indeed, occasionally he has been said to give his favour to regicides, especially those who use axes.


Nature may reach the same result in many ways.
Lattes is the Scientist of the Stars, and the Magician of the Court of Heaven. He wears the contemporary garb of a sage or magician. His aura crackles, like electricity, and he carries a hammer like a blacksmith’s.
Lattes is a tall, thin man, whose black hair and mustache are meticulously groomed at all times. He is attributed with the discovery of the use of electricity for power prior to his ascension.
Lattes upholds knowledge and the pursuit thereof as the highest goal.


(Never take no for an answer)
Libys is the Heavenly Breeder, and wife of Semivmas. As her favoured animal is dragons, given that is what she breeds, she typically appears in sturdy leather work clothes, treated to repell flame. When the occasion calls for it, however, she can appear in beautiful evening gowns and dresses, befitting the Duchess of Heaven.

Human Pantheon

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